AG2016 Chicago

Explanation of Logo for the 2016: General Assembly:

The Spirit of the Lord put the flame of Evangelization into the hands of St. Vincent de Paul. With boldness and apostolic courage, Vincent converted it into a fire of love, solidarity, and service on behalf of the poor. After 400 years, that same Spirit enlivens the followers of St. Vincent de Paul, as they carry on his evangelical legacy and remain faithful to the inspiration of the Founder, following the signs of the times.

Artist: Arturo Asensio Moruno, (Spain):

Arturo received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spain, where he is an artist and illustrator. He has created several artistic works for the Congregation of the Mission in Spain. In his youth, Auturo was a member of the Vincentian Marian Youth Association and also spent a brief time in the Vincentian internal seminary in Avila. In Arturo’s work, we see two essential elements combined: his creativity and expertise, along with his sensitivity to the Christian message and the Vincentian charism.

Downloadable versions here: CMGLOBAL Media