The website has posted the text of Fr. Tomaz Mavric’s homily at the celebration of the Vincentian Family Eucharist in St. VIncent’s Parish near to the site of the General Assembly.

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From the homily….

A wonderful symbol that speaks so strongly of collaboration or support within the Vincentian Family is a picture with pieces of puzzle, that is made up of different colors, shapes and sizes, after placed together, they make up a beautiful picture!

But collaboration within the different members of the Vincentian Family needs further growing! We need to avoid any individualism in our service to the Poor, on a personal level as well as on the level of a concrete branch, but build the Kingdom together as a family! This is the only way forward and the way for effective and lasting results!

It is the charism of St. Vincent de Paul, the Vincentian spirituality that makes of us his followers, members of the same family.