Ck_LSiaUYAEa17oThe Assembly seems to be running well ahead of schedule. So much so that CELESTINO FERNÁNDEZ, CM was asked to offer a day early his presentation The Vincentian Charism and the New Evangelization: Some significant Vincentian elements for the present day process of evangelization.

In outline

  • Starting Point: Confrontation between being and doing
  • The Congregation of the Mission exists in order to evangelize
  • General Framework of the Vincentian Mission
  • Three non-negotiable and irrevocable priorities
    • a clear and expressed preference for the apostolate among the poor
    • …attention to the realities of present-day society
    • …being evangelized by the poor
  • Evangelizers with a Vincentian spirit and moving out toward the peripheries
  • Vincentian proposals for the new evangelization
    • [a] The deaconate of charity as a privileged manner of evangelization
    • [b] The organization of charity as an evangelizing witness
    • [c] Sensitivity as a fundamental attitude
    • [d] The incarnation as an indispensable path for evangelization
    • [e] A vision of reality from the perspective of the poor and as seen in the eyes of God
    • [f] Making a shared mission a reality
    • [g] Systemic change as a necessary dimension of evangelization
    • [h] The Church’s Social Doctrine – a Vincentian emphasis
    • [i] An overall perspective: the conversion of the poor
  • A final word

To evangelize from a perspective of commitment to the poor and from a perspective of charitable service is the most authentic Vincentian manner of evangelization … it is our best contribution to the new evangelization.  The reason for this is both simple and logical: the option for the poor becomes the fundamental axis of the new evangelization and is able to make the profound and infinite love of God visible and credible in our midst.  This option for the poor stirs up a desire to make real the civilization of love.  Yes, it is precisely in such a place that we, as Vincentians, should be found.

doc 03 – eng – The Vincentian Charism and the New Evangelization